Single Use Vs Reusable Timber Crates

9 November 2015
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Are you wondering whether you should order single use wooden crates or reusable ones? Read on and discover the strengths and shortcomings of each option.

Single Use Crates

Single use timber crates are crates that are designed in such a way that it is not easy to use them for the same purpose twice. For instance, the fastening method used limits how many times the crate can be loaded, sealed and offloaded. An example of such a fastening method is the use of a nail gun to fasten the top of the crate. The crowbar used to open the crate can damage it, rendering it unusable. Single use crates are easy to make since tools such as pneumatic guns can be used to assemble them quickly. However, they are very expensive in the long-term. This is because you have to pay someone to dispose of the used crates. They also occupy a lot of valuable space since they do not reduce in volume when they are empty.

Reusable Timber Crates

These are engineered in such a way that it is possible to use them several times. For instance, the crates can have hinged joints so that you can collapse them when they are empty. The use of screw fasteners can also make it possible to open the crate without damaging its components. The advantages of such crates are very many. The crates require less storage space since they can be collapsed and stacked. You will also incur lower costs (long-term) to buy crates. They are environmentally friendly since they lower the need for lumber to make additional crates. It is also more affordable to ship the empty crates since they can be collapsed prior to transportation. The biggest downside of these reusable crates is that they are more expensive to make. For instance, it is labour-intensive to install individual fastening screws by hand. This labour-intensive method of production is also time-consuming, so you may have to make the crates long before it is time for you to use them.

As you can see, it may not be easy to choose between the two kinds of timber crates. This is because there are many factors involved. For instance, the products you make may not require reusable crates since you will only be shipping the goods to the customer once. However, you may need the reusable crates if you are a distributor who has a constant need for crates to hold the goods. Talk to your supplier of packaging materials so that you get advice on the best variety of timber crates for your needs.