The Importance of Display Types

16 September 2015
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Few things have made more of an impression on retail shoppers than displays. Merchandise can be made more appealing to consumers depending on the way it is displayed. This means that the custom display stands that are chosen or the arrangement of the products can effect sales. Simply putting items in display shelves can make a dramatic impact on sales and help entice customers more effectively. There are some aspects of merchandise displays that can have the biggest impact on sales.

Strategic Design

Items that are grouped together and placed on custom display stands are selected for a reason. Have you ever seen an item at Hobby Lobby that looked amazing in store, but did not look the same in your home? This is due to the power of displays. It is possible to group merchandise together and display it in a way that is visually appealing to consumers. These displays can be placed in the front of the store or at the ends of the aisles. The items that are chosen to be grouped together must have something in common. They might match in design or strategically be items that are purchased in combination. Displays must be created with a purpose.


Choose a theme for all of your in-store displays. The theme might be connected to the current holiday season or a popular trend. It is important that you choose a specific amount of merchandise to highlight on the display. Striking a balance is key. You do not want too few or too many items on the stand. If you choose the right items that will complement one another and not distract customers. One item should be the focal point of the display, and the other merchandise should simply blend in and add to the appeal.

Eye-Level Stands

It is integral that you do not choose shelves that are too high. High shelves might offer more storage space, but customers are more likely to notice displays that are at eye-level. The display should be at eye-level and the merchandise that can be purchased should be on the lower shelves. Most consumers will first notice what is at eye-level, and then their gaze will naturally travel downward.

Sales can be affected by many variables, from prices to marketing techniques, but the way in which items are displayed in a store does have a big impact. Moving merchandise off of shelves at high rates is linked to how that merchandise is displayed on custom display stands.