Features to Look for When Purchasing Air Cannon Systems for Your Facility

15 December 2016
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Smooth flow of solid materials in industrial and manufacturing facilities is critical in promoting efficiency during handling. However, as they flow, materials tend to get stuck to each other along the length of the silo or bin. This reduces the volume of materials flowing through the silo at a particular time. Air cannons are attached onto industrial silos and bins to facilitate the smooth flow of solid materials. When selecting air cannons for your facility, you should look out for the following features that will help increase their efficiency and material handling speed. Read More 

Benefits of Investing In a Wood Chipper

16 August 2016
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A wood chipper is equipment that is designed to break down timber into smaller pieces. It is suitable for creating sawdust or wood chips that you can use for an assortment of applications around your residence. These pieces of equipment consist of a chipper mechanism as well as a bin that collects the broken down timber. Some types of wood chippers are portable, thus enabling you to transport the wood chips and sawdust from one location to another depending on how you plan to use the broken down timber. Read More 

Amazingly helpful tips to keep you protected from electrical hazards

22 July 2016
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Are you a home owner? If so, assuring your safety and that of your loved ones is paramount. However, without the right direction, such protection could be a bit difficult to achieve. Not to worry. Help is finally here. Below are some comprehensive safety tips that you can implement in your property in order to ensure your family is always safe and protected from electrical hazards. Install control transformers These are devices that transfer electrical current from one circuit to another while providing voltage regulation. Read More 

Five Accessories to Make Your Double-Glazed Windows Even More Efficient in a Hot Climate

6 July 2016
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Double-glazed windows can be a boon for a home in a hot climate.They insulate well, thus keeping the hot air outside and the cool air inside. However, if you want to make the most of your double-glazed windows in a hot climate, you should pair them with the right accessories. Here are some ideas to consider. 1. Overhangs Overhangs are the part of your eaves that shade your home, and they can help to make your windows more efficient. Read More 

Proper Filter Care: The Key to Extending Your Air Conditioner’s Lifespan

17 June 2016
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The importance of a functioning air conditioning system in any home cannot be overemphasized. Proper functioning of AC units depends on a number of factors, among them the state of filters. Filters keep away dust, allergens and pathogens in air sucked in from outside, ensuring that only high quality air passes through the AC components and into your home. Cleaning and replacing filters is an important maintenance task, and it determines how efficiently your AC unit runs. Read More