Preppers: Five Essential Small Tools You Need for Your Bug-Out Bag

21 September 2015
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As a prepper, your bug-out bag is essential. If disaster strikes and you need to hit the road, this bag has your survival essentials. In addition to fire starters, first aid kits and other essentials, you also need a few tools.

Here are five essential tools you need in your bug-out bag:

1. Multi-tool

If you can only take one thing with you, a multi-tool may be the best choice. These iconic tools feature a stainless steel blade that can be sterilised, tweezers you can use to remove ticks, and a corkscrew in case you need to open any bottles.

If you encounter a locked door or need to build something, these knives also feature small screwdrivers and other tools.

2. Utility Knife

Unfortunately, the blade with most multi-tools isn't enough. When stocking tools for your bug-out bag, you also need a utility knife. Opt for one with a hunter's blade.

You can use it to kill a boar, skin a deer or protect yourself in an emergency.

3. Axe

Like a utility knife, an axe works as a weapon in an emergency, but this essential tool can also help you avoid attacks. Grab your axe, cut down a few trees and branches and make a safe shelter.

You can find lightweight axes, ideal for your bug-out bag, at most online tools stores.

4. Cord

Although cord may not technically be considered a tool, you need it in your bag. When ordering cord, look at its tensile strength. Ideally, you want your cord to have a tensile strength that can hold significant;y more than your weight, with an outer sheath for added durability and protection.

Heavy-duty cord can be used to hang sleeping surfaces from trees, to tie extra gear to your pack, to secure a tent in the wind or for countless other purposes.

As long as you buy cord that has been wound together using multiple yarns, you can even split them up and use the individual strands for fishing line, thread to repair clothing or to create a nearly invisible snare for hunting.

5. Wet Stone

Finally, you want a wet stone. Also available at many online tools shops, a wet stone allows you to sharpen your knives or other sharp tools. You won't be able to buy new tools on the road, and a wet stone ensures you can take care of the tools you have. It also helps you to sharpen any tools or knives that you find.

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