Why You Should Rent Digital Repeater Two-Way Radios

21 September 2015
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In the world of two-way radios, you can choose to rent the analog version or the digital two-way radios for your communication need. This is helpful for situations such as when you are working in a remote location where traditional modes such as the use of cell phones is not possible. This article discusses some key advantages of digital two-way radios over analog ones.

Better Signal Strength

Two-way radios that are digital offer a more sustained high quality signal when compared to analog radios. This is because it is very easy to set the exact radio frequency that you would like to use during all your communications so signal fidelity will be maintained throughout. Analog radios are harder to set since you just move a dial, so the frequency setting may not be as precise as would be necessary to deliver consistently high quality signals.

Greater Security

Radio communication is generally vulnerable to eavesdropping because a third party can tune in to the frequency you are using and hear everything that you are transmitting or receiving. This weakness is especially present in analog systems that are open to anyone tuned into that channel. However, it is easier to encrypt data that is being transmitted over the digital radio so that even if someone were tuned into the same frequency, he or she would not be able to overhear the communication being sent or received since his or her device is not enabled to decode the encrypted data.

Ability to Link to Other Systems

Digital two-way radios also have the added advantage of being able to be linked to other systems like internet-enabled systems so that you can use it to call a cell phone number or a landline phone in a different location. This makes it easy for you to keep in touch with the rest of the world even if you are in a location where mobile phones cannot be used because of very poor reception or network coverage.

Fewer Background Noises

The conversion of a user's voice into a digital signal enables the system to remove nearly all the background noise such as the noise of machinery in a factory. This results in a very clear communication being delivered, unlike what happens when analog systems are used. The transmission carries a lot of the background noise so one has to pay very close attention in order to make out what is being conveyed from a noisy environment.

Contact radio rental companies in your area and find out what digital two-way radio options they have on offer so that you get the best for your needs. You can then enjoy all the benefits above.