Considerations When Buying Shipping Containers for Sale

25 September 2015
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Over the years, shipping containers have become a popular choice for both homeowners as well as business people. This is because they can be used for a myriad of applications including converting it into a home, as storage space, or for its conventional purpose of transporting goods. If it is your first time to contemplate purchasing shipping containers for sale, it is important to have some considerations based on what would be best suited to your needs. This is typically because the specifications on shipping containers used in construction will be much different from those used for freight. Here are some of the overall considerations you have when purchasing shipping containers for sale from companies like All Vic Containers.

Material of the shipping container

If you are purchasing or hiring shipping containers for outdoor use, you need to ensure that the material it is made out of is weather resistant. The best material to opt for would be corten steel. This type of steel has an enhanced chemical composition that makes it less susceptible to atmospheric corrosion. This gives it an upper hand on other types of steel, which will gradually rust over time due to exposure to the weather elements.

Inspect the container for damage

If you opt to purchase secondhand shipping containers, you need to ensure there is no significant damage to your investment. Inspect the container by examining the walls, the floor and the roof for any holes. If there is sunlight peeking into the shipping container, then it is at risk of leaks in the event of rainy weather. You will either have to ensure these are sealed before you make your purchase or opt for a different shipping container.

Check the levelling of the flooring

Another consideration would be whether the floor of the shipping container is level or not. To inspect this, you would have to place the shipping container on a flat concrete surface or atop wooden sleepers. An uneven floor may make it difficult to open and close the container doors. Additionally if you will be using the container to transport freight, an uneven floor will makes the goods more susceptible to jiggling around, thus increasing the risk of damages.

Secure the container

The security of your container will be paramount if you are using it for freight rather than in construction. If you will be using this container for transportation of goods, you need to ensure that its lockbox is in working order. It is recommended to install a new lockbox altogether if you are purchasing a second hand container.