Types of Water Pumps and Tank Pumps for Outdoor Fish Ponds

25 September 2015
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Having an outdoor fish pond for your home or business is something that many people find serene. The idea of being able to sit by your own private pond and relax is appealing to many people. The problem is when you begin to choose the accessories you need to create the pond of your dreams. One of these necessary accessories is the right water pump. If you are confused about which water or tank pump to choose, consider the following types and options.

Submersible Pumps

A submersible pump is the most common type used in outdoor fish ponds. The entire pump and working components are placed under the water. These pumps will not only keep your water circulating, but they will also pump out and filter water if you need them to. If you do need a submersible pump that will filter, pump, and circulate the water, you will need to ensure that you purchase that specific type as most simply circulate and filter the water on a continuous basis.

Keep in mind that this type of pump comes in several options depending on the amount of water you have in the pond. Make sure you know how many gallons or litres of water your pond holds and choose your pump based on that criteria. The amount of water the pond will hold is usually found on the side of the pond moulding or casing that you choose.

Direct Drive Pumps

If you want to take your outdoor fish pond to the next level, you may be considering a waterfall or other design option. If this is the case then a direct drive pump may be the ideal option. The key consideration with this type of pump is how it pumps the water and keeps it circulating. Most pumps will use a pull method that pulls the water into the pump and through the filters. A direct drive pump actually uses a pushing method that pushes the water through the pump.  These types of pumps are also a bit risky for the fish since there is an oil-filled portion of the pump that could leak into the environment if ruptured.

External Pumps

You may not be comfortable with the idea of an internal pump if you want to have several fish, or expensive fish, in your outdoor pond. For this reason, an external pump may be the ideal option. External pumps will operate using through a series of hoses, with one pumping water in while the other moves the water out and to the pump for filtration. These are ideal for larger ponds and do not offer the risk of the fish being caught against or in the pump itself.

These are only three of your water pump options for your pond. If you are ready to purchase your pond accessories and water pump materials, contact your local water garden or home improvement specialist. They can show you the different manufacturer options and help you with pricing and installation.