Benefits of Investing In a Wood Chipper

16 August 2016
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A wood chipper is equipment that is designed to break down timber into smaller pieces. It is suitable for creating sawdust or wood chips that you can use for an assortment of applications around your residence. These pieces of equipment consist of a chipper mechanism as well as a bin that collects the broken down timber. Some types of wood chippers are portable, thus enabling you to transport the wood chips and sawdust from one location to another depending on how you plan to use the broken down timber. Here are some of the different benefits that come with investing in a wood chipper. 

A wood chipper provides you with a source of fuel

One of the biggest benefits of wood chippers is that they provide you with an alternative source of fuel. This is especially convenient if you are looking for other energy solutions that would be more economical when compared to electricity. Wood chips can be used to provide energy for heating solutions such as for fireplaces, boilers and more. 

Since the wood used can be sourced from branches and twigs rather than having to fell entire trees, it is a sustainable energy resource for your residence. In addition to this, the wood chips can be broken down into different sizes depending on your needs. Therefore, you do not have to contend with having an exclusive supply of small wood chips if you require larger pieces as a fuel source. 

A wood chipper provides you with mulch

Another benefit of investing in a wood chipper is you have a constant supply of mulch for your yard and garden. The wood chips created by the chipper can be used as a protective layer on the soil in your garden. The chips will then lock in the moisture in the soil, which will work toward promoting plant growth by preventing dehydration. Additionally, as the wood chips begin to rot, they start to release nitrogen. The nitrogen gas is absorbed by the soil, which enriches it with nutrients. Your plants then benefit from the additional nitrogen, without you having to invest in expensive fertilizers to keep them healthy and flourishing. 

Lastly, the wood chips will also provide insulation for your plants. This is especially crucial during the colder months when the temperatures drop and put the roots of your plants at risk of freezing. This can help you in maintaining healthy plant growth during the colder months.