4 AC Maintenance Tasks Only Professionals Can Perform

16 July 2017
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Some owners of small startup businesses may wish to perform AC maintenance tasks on their own due to the desire to reduce the operating costs of the business. Such people may not know that air conditioning systems require some technical evaluation and maintenance that laypeople cannot perform. This article discusses some of those technical maintenance tasks that you should hire a technician to perform.

Checking Motor Amperage and Voltage

The performance of commercial air conditioning units partly depends on how well the motors in those units are performing. Over time, the motors may not receive as much power as they require. Alternatively, they may use more power than their design specifications. These anomalies can have an adverse effect on the service life of those components. It is therefore important to check the amperage and voltage of those motors periodically so that any needed adjustments can be done in a timely manner.

Checking Thermostat Calibration

The thermostat of an air conditioning unit plays a big role in determining the comfort level of the building's occupants because it enables the system to maintain the ideal conditions of warmth or coolness. The thermostat's performance can also affect the energy consumption of the AC system. For instance, a faulty thermostat can keep the system working longer than it should. That improper cycling can increase the energy consumption of the AC. Checking the calibration and performance of the thermostat is therefore a needed maintenance task for proper system performance and longevity.

Airflow Checks

Air conditioning systems are usually designed to offer optimum airflow in order to condition the air within the building. However, several factors, such as air filters and clogs in the ductwork, may affect the airflow generated by the air conditioning system. Performing airflow checks helps to address any shortcomings detected so that the AC can cycle the air in the building several times each day for maximum comfort of the building occupants.

Heating Element Checks

The performance of the heating elements in an AC can gradually reduce due to several factors, such as metal fatigue. Defective heating elements can consume a lot of energy. They may also fail suddenly. It is important to check their integrity periodically so that replacements can be installed before total failure occurs.

As you can see, proper AC maintenance involves conducting various technical checks on the critical components of the system. You should, therefore, hire a technician to perform regular system maintenance on your commercial air conditioning system so that it can last as long as it was designed to last. 

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