Essential Safety Measures for Effective Use of a Boom Lift

12 March 2020
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Most construction jobs require the use of a boom lift for proper completion. The size and structure of these devices pose high risks. Someone will likely get serious injuries when not following the ideal safety measures. When using a boom lift in your building project, ensure every worker is safe. The safety tips offered will ensure no accidents happen during your construction project.

Clear the Base

Ensure that the entire base is clear of any contractors when using the boom lift. These lifts usually have a significant circumference. It is easy for equipment to fall from the machine and end up hurting anyone standing under it. You can prevent people from getting injured when tools fall by clearing the whole area. Though it does happen a lot, there is a chance of the boom lift tipping over. If the area is clear, then you will prevent anyone from getting injuries.

Hire Trained Lift Workers

Any untrained staff should not use the boom lift. Find contractors with the training and certification to operate the machinery. That goes a long way in ensuring people working on the building are safe. You can test any potential professionals you want to hire. That will show you how much knowledge they have in operating the machine. It also helps identify any potential risks. You can then handle them to prevent accidents in the actual project.

Check the Weight Limit

Every boom lift has a weight capacity. Ensure that you always follow these restrictions. Even a slight passing of the limit is a potential risk of the structure tipping over. Keep in mind the weight of the professional operating the machine. The combined weight of the materials and the operator should not go over the recommended limit. You should not use the machinery to lift heavy supplies.

Avoid Windy Conditions

The wind could cause a safety concern when the boom lift is high. The structure may knock over entirely if the wind is strong. Check the weather before using the device. When there are strong winds, avoid using the boom lift at all. Every device can withstand up to a certain wind level. Ensure you understand all restrictions of the boom lift you are using. 

Various challenges and risks are experienced when operating boom lifts. However, following the safety tips mentioned will ensure you are safe. When you have safety measures in place, your workers will feel safe at all times. That will also prevent the risk of any accidents or injuries. Thus, the construction work can run smoothly without any distractions.