2 Key Features to Look for in Wooden Boxes

22 February 2021
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Wooden boxes have some advantages over pallets and crates. For a start, they are fully enclosed. They have solid sides and a lid. As well as giving you additional security, boxes also make it easier to store and transport fragile items.

Before you talk to pallet suppliers to ask about the boxes they sell, it's worth putting some thought into how these products work to make sure you choose the right ones for your needs. What should you think about?

1. How Do the Lids Work?

Wooden boxes have a few different lid options. At a basic level, the lid is separate from the box. You fill the box and then attach the lid when you've packed it all up. However, you can also buy boxes that have hinged lids. You open the lid to fill it and close it when you're done. In some cases, boxes have locking bars as well as hinges. These bars keep the lid from falling shut as you're filling it.

So, think about how you'll use the boxes and where they'll go after you've filled them. A separate lid that nails or bolts down is more secure in transit than an openable lid. However, it's harder to open later. If you'll reuse boxes, or if they'll be opened and closed regularly, then it might be easier to go for hinged lids. The lids will stay in better shape if you don't have to regularly nail or bolt them shut; they are easier to open.

2. Are the Boxes Collapsible?

Some wooden storage and transit boxes are made up when you get them. Others are collapsible. If you buy collapsible boxes, you put them together when you want to use them. You can then collapse them down again if you need to.

You should think about storage and time constraints before you decide which type of box to buy. For example, you can start to fill readymade boxes immediately; however, they need more storage space. This might be problematic if you buy in bulk. If you're short on space, then collapsible boxes take up less room. However, your packing process will take longer as you must put every box together before you can fill it.

At this stage, it helps to think about the convenience or inconvenience of either option. For example, if you don't have a lot of storage space, then collapsible boxes might be a better option. If you can store readymade products, then these will be quicker to use.

To find out more about off-the-shelf and custom wooden boxes, contact pallet and box suppliers.