Why Add Underground Parking With a Car Lift to Your New Home Build?

7 April 2022
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As you plan and design your new home, you need to think about garage space. If you'll have multiple or valuable cars in your household, then you can take a different route and add a car lift that shuttles cars to and from a basement-level parking space.

What are the advantages of adding underground parking space and a car lift to your home?

Get Secure Storage

While parking your cars in a garage gives you some security, this isn't a completely secure solution. People can break into garage doors if they are determined enough. If they know you have valuable vehicles in the space, then they have an incentive to try to steal them

If you use a car lift/basement parking solution, then you take your vehicle security to another level. Your car lift's security controls can make it a lot harder for anyone to get access to your vehicles. For example, you can use coded entry systems that are hard to breach. Your cars will be more secure.

Remember that extra security can also have some cost benefits. For example, your vehicle insurance costs should go down if you store your cars underground and use a car lift with enhanced access controls.

Store Your Cars in a Protective Environment

If you park your cars in your driveway, then they are open to the elements. If you have trees in the area, then dripping tree sap, bird droppings and even falling branches could damage your vehicles.

While parking your car in a garage helps avoid these problems, garages aren't always the perfect environment for vehicles. If you collect or restore cars, or own a valuable vehicle, then a standard garage might fluctuate between being too hot and too cold depending on the season.

If you use an underground garage space with a car lift, then you keep your vehicles clean and free from harm. If you need to, you can even add temperature controls to the set-up to keep more valuable vehicles in tip-top condition.

Get a Bigger Footprint For Your Build

If you add a regular garage to your home, then you lose some building space. The more vehicles you have, the more space you'll lose.

If you add a basement parking level, then you can build a bigger home. You won't need to save space for a garage. Your car lift won't need much space at all. It only needs to be big enough to carry a single car.

To find out more, contact car lift service specialists. They can help you design and install the right elevator service for your basement parking needs.